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Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association

In a recent case involving Uber the Supreme Court of Canada deals with Access to Justice. The Honourable Justice Russell Brown speaks about Access to Justice here

The Pre-Show


Donna Purcell Q.C., Lawyers vs Talent A2J : Virtual Edition – Right Side of History


Global A2J Alliance

Buddha Stretch, King Charles, Kelli Forman, Helena Rickards, Vanessa Rickards, Stephen tWitch Boss



Joe Whitbread, Jo(e) Social Media Inc.

Jaqueline Biollo, MBA, Executive Director, Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association

Tyler Nightingale, Chapman Riebeek LLP

Land Acknowledgement

Andrea Menard, Indigenous Initiatives Liaison, Law Society of Alberta


Brad Diesel, Drag King

The Turbines

Performers: Lois May (Calgary Public Library), Bob Matthews (Robert C. Matthews Law Firm), Geoff Poelman (Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP), Hon. Justice Glen Poelman (Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta), Master Andy Robertson, Q.C. (Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta)


Performers: Brenda Gilray, Stryder Hamilton (Bboy Smallz), Jamie Mackinaw, Josée Met, Donna Purcell, Q.C. (Lady Justice), Sebastian Reinhart (Bboy Sabotage), Stacey Tompkins

Choreography: Hannah Joelle

Global A2J Alliance – Soul Elements Company – Mexican Chapter

Performers: Armando Sevilla Angelito, Luis Alberto Barcenas Arceo, Jonathan Raul López Rivera, Dayarleth Urriola Salazar, Alba Maya Sánchez,

Founder and Director: José de Jesús Sánchez Alavarez

Creative Director: Roció Carrada Salem

Global A2J Alliance – A2J Crew – Canadian Chapter

Performers: Thomas Boivin, Gretta Briceno, Danika Duval, Jayden Haase, Lady Justice, Randall Mella, Ajay Musodi, Sharmaine Pagtakhan, Sebastian Reinhart (Bboy Sabotage), Helena Rickards, Vanessa Rickards, Halle Smart (Halle Wood), Mackenzie Smart, Alexandria Wiwchar, Ayden Valdriz, Ethan Valdriz

Choreography: Mr. YouTube, Brother Hood (New York City)

Global A2J Alliance – Creation Global – Global Chapter

Performers: King Charles & Crew

Global A2J Alliance Coordinator – Rico Martinez, Pound It Hip Hop Studio

Dr. Howard Kislowicz, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law

Zoom Hijinks

Performers: Christine DeWitt, Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP

Chris Samuels, Legal Research and Writing Program Director, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Editor: Mike Robertson

The Field Law Band, Field Law LLP

Performers: Mike Doerksen (Fiddle), Andrew Dominy (Banjo), Steve Eichler (Guitar), Jane Freeman (Vocals), Doug Nishimura (Keyboard), Urvil Thakor (Drums), Taylor Woolsey (Vocals)

The Vera Dames

Performers: Jillian Gamez, Weir Bowen LLP, Marissa Tordoff, Dawson Duckett Shaigec & Garcia

One Day More: A Coronavirus Parody, Members of Edmonton’s Theater Community

Performers: Brian Ault, Dustin Cook, Russ Farmer, Stacey Grubb (Director of eHealth Information Governance), Rachel Love Haverkamp, Morgan Kunitz, Tim Lo, Barbara Mah, Christina O’Dell, Joyanne Rudiak, Julia Stanski, Ruth Wong-Miller

Written and Mixed by: Joyanne Rudiak

Girl Brain

Performers: Performers: Alison Dicey, Ellie Heath, Caley Suliak

Director: Belinda Cornish

Film Company: Catapult Pictures (Frederick Kroetsh, David Cullen, Rebecca Campbell)

Film Crew: Frederick Kroetsch

Digital Design: Kevin Hayes

Caroline Stokes, Comedian

Celebrity Judges

Arman Chak, Bencher at Law Society of Alberta

Mark Facundo, Elias Facundo LLP

Michelle Karasinski, Queck & Associates

Ed Picard, Alberta Counsel

Sarah Rossman, City of Edmonton

Jeremy Schick, Alberta Labour Relations Board

Buddha Stretch

Featured Presenters

Nonye Opara, Pro Bono Law Alberta - Introduction by: Karen Fellowes, DLA Piper

Maria Mitousis, Mitousis Lemieux Howard Law Corporation

Rumana Monzur, Department of Justice Canada

Louanne Moriarty, University of Calgary, Student Legal Assistance

Wayne Barkauskas, Wise Scheible Barkauskas - Introduction by: Donna C. Purcell, Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch) – Leader Development Committee

The Cause – Helping the Vulnerable (Video Presentation)

Suzanne Alexander-Smith, Q.C. (Chapman Riebeek LLP), Wayne Barkauskas, Q.C. (Wise Scheible Barkauskas), Amanda Bruin, Shaun MacIsaac, Q.C. (Pittman, MacIsaac & Roy)

The Innovation – Coming Out on the Right Side of History (Video Presentation)

Kathy Parsons (Executive Director, Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic), Suzanne Alexander-Smith, Q.C. (Chapman Riebeek LLP), Jeremy Jablonski (The Coverall Shop), Charlie Bredo (Troubled Monk Brewery), Raoul Bhatt, Donna Purcell, Q.C., Nonye Opara (Executive Director, Pro Bono Law Alberta), Andrew Robertson (retired Master, Mediator/Arbitrator)

Words of Wisdom from The Hon. Jack Major, Retired Supreme Court Justice

Introduction by: Jackie Halpern, Q.C., McLeod Law LLP, President of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association

Closing Presenter

Donna Purcell Q.C., Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association COVID-19 Emergency Response Team

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